I want to let everyone know that I will be leaving on Friday to go to Jaipur for the weekend and am again uncertain if I will be able to post updates. I will try my best. If you do not hear from me, have a great weekend! ...One of three volunteers who recently arrived is a dietitian from Australia. Today, we took a scale and measuring tape to the slum school in order to weigh and measure each student in preparation for teaching them more about what they should strive to eat (even if they can't always get it). Using charts and calculations, she determined, unsurprisingly, that most of the kids were small and undernourished for their ages. In fact, many of the children fell into the bottom 5% of the nourishment tables. It was somewhat ironic to see the teacher serving lunches out of the bucket as we weighed and measured each of them.

One of the students today was 15, skinny to the bone, and had just had her marriage to a 25-year-old man arranged by her parents. She seemed shy and nervous. I am not sure if it was because of the attention we gave her or because of the arrangement.

Some more photos of the day:

--Kids vying to have their picture taken outside of the school--

--Improvising games: badminton with a board--

--Our lunch, where Ratatouille poked his head out yet again--

--A special dinner of pourri, aloo, and rita at home--

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