...On behalf of Anita, her three sisters, and her mother Rani, I would like to thank Bert Graham of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and mother of volunteer Crystal Graham for committing to support Anita's entire education! You read that right! For the next ten years, Anita will study at the Carmel Convent School under a full scholarship and educational subsidies provided entirely by Bert Graham.

Anita is the youngest of four daughters. Her father, Chhotedas, passed away a few years ago. Since he did not have a birth certificate, his widow and Anita's mother, Rani, cannot collect bereavement pay from the government. Now, it is up to Rani to support her four daughters. Rani is aging quickly and has a growth on the edge of her iris that has caused blindness in her left eye.

Rani works from sun up to sun down as a maid in multiple nearby homes to boost her income to Rs 100 ($2) per day. She is illiterate and has no labor skills. She pays Rs 800 ($16) per month in rent for her ramshackle home but lovingly supports her four daughters with whatever is left. When we asked Rani to come to one of our parent meetings, she said that she could not financially afford to miss a few hours of work. I paid her Rs 150 ($3) to come, which put a lovely smile on her face.

--Anita (left) arriving home from the slum school while her sister prepares potatoes--

Anita's older sisters are only a couple of years older than she is. All less than ten-years-old, the girls are amazingly self sufficient. They prepare and cook their own food, clean their home, and take care of nearly all motherly duties themselves.

--Anita's oldest sister and the main caretaker of her home--

--Indu, Anita's second oldest sister--

Bert's donation has already gone a long way. Anita wears her new uniform and shoes like they were made for a queen.

--Anita at the tailor--

--Anita at the shoe store--

--Anita picking up her backpack and uniform at our parent orientation--

--Rani, Anita (with a mouthful of samosas), and Crystal Graham--

--Anita ready for her first day of school...and the cover of a magazine--

Anita is proving to be one of our fastest learners. Her memory is as sharp as a tack. If we can keep her in school, Anita will revolutionize her own life and those of her three sisters and mother. Bert, your loving generosity is probably the best thing to ever happen to this family. God bless you and thank you.

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