...I would like to inform everyone that Ajeet Kumar, one of our children, is now the top student in his class at the Carmel Convent School. As you can see here, he wears his "Class Monitor IA" badge with a distinguished sense of pride, which he has undoubtedly earned through a work ethic that makes the rest of us look bad. In only four months, he has gone from living in the slum without ever attending a day of school to now being on track to become the Valedictorian of his 1,625 person prestigious school. Look out world, here he comes.

I have had multiple sponsors ask me recently if they can send letters or packages to their students. Of course you can! Your delivery will probably be the highlight of their month, maybe even their year. Imagine getting a surprise piece of mail from the other side of the world when you've never received anything in the mail before! All you need to do is address your package or letter to:

Attn: YOUR STUDENT'S NAME John's Children, Standard I Carmel Convent School Sector 7D, Faridabad Haryana, India 121 006 Phone: 2243344

When sending packages, please be mindful of the many different perspectives on the receiving end. Your child and his or her family will be exhilarated just to hear from you. Even simple gifts like your favorite childhood books will be tremendously exciting for them. Lavish or expensive gifts are discouraged as they have the ability to cause jealousy. Simple signs that show you care and believe in them are the most special packages. If you have any questions, email me anytime squalortoscholar@gmail.com.

Congratulations Ajeet! We believe in you!