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Squalor to Scholar

Joining Forces with Phoenix Country Day School


Squalor to Scholar

Joining Forces with Phoenix Country Day School



Scholars in Faridabad, India & Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA 


$4,255 Raised*

Total Contributions to Date from the Phoenix Country Day School Community


Currently Raising Money and Technology

In Preparation for the Inaugural PCDS Envoy to India in March 2015


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Donate Your Used Electronics

Don't forget the chargers! 

Simply drop off working laptops, iPads, iPhones, iPods, digital cameras, other smartphones or tablets, etc. in Shepard Hall or the Upper School Office until February 27

Or contact Jenny Treadway (jenny.treadway@pcds.org, ext. 2263) for further questions



The electronics collected by PCDS will be used to create technology labs at Squalor to Scholar's affiliated schools. Instead of the electronics sitting and collecting dust in your home, we're going to use them to revolutionize internet access for entire communities and provide new healthcare and education opportunities to deserving people who have never had such possibilities before. 

Where will the money go?

100% of the funds raised by PCDS will go directly toward supporting the development of our technology labs and educating our scholars to master computers, the internet, and ways to stay in touch with their new friends at PCDS. These funds will be used to build and continually support the facilities and infrastructure necessary for such labs as well as employ the teachers, security, maintenance, and janitorial staff to sustain them in perpetuity. 

WHy We're so passionate about PCDS

John Schupbach, Founder of Squalor to Scholar, matriculated at Phoenix Country Day School in 8th grade and graduated from the PCDS Upper School in the Class of 2006. He was heavily involved in student government, community service, athletics, and the arts. He remains continually in touch with the PCDS community and has returned multiple times to deliver presentations to the Upper and Middle Schools over the past few years.

In addition to running Squalor to Scholar, John is now an MD Candidate at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, MN and MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School on a mission to revolutionize healthcare and education delivery among the most impoverished and neglected communities in the world. 

  Santosh, Born December 23, 2011 - Deceased January 12, 2013

Santosh, Born December 23, 2011 - Deceased January 12, 2013

This MacBook was used by hundreds of students at PCDS until the end of its life cycle. Today, it empowers our scholars in Faridabad. Now that's teamwork to create a better planet!


Curated Inspiration

experiments with computers in indian slums

Changing Education Paradigms

Using video to reinvent education


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*The total contributions to date from the Phoenix Country Day School community includes all sponsorships and donations made through the school and by individual faculty, students, or families directly to Squalor to Scholar. There will be a brief delay between the time donations are made and the time this number is updated as we must do so manually. Thank you for your patience. Not included in this figure are the hundreds of hours of legal advice, incorporation support, publicity campaigns, and loving care in helping us start and grow Squalor to Scholar. We are forever grateful for the continued generosity and unwavering compassion of the Phoenix Country Day School community.